Schüleraustausch in Langley

Schüleraustausch in Langley - British Columbia

Langley ist eine Stadt im Großraum Vancouver in British Columbia und gleichfalls ein gleichnamiger Distrikt. Langley liegt südlich des Fraser River und nördlich der Grenze zu den USA. In und um Langley gibt es mehrere Museen, Parks und weitere kulturelle und sportliche Einrichtungen. Bekannt ist Langley aufgrund der Fort Langley National Historic Site im historischen Handelsposten und dem Canadian Museum of Flight.

Hier funden zahlreiche Veranstaltungen jedes Jahr statt wie die Autoshow Langley Good Times Cruise-In und der Künstler-Event Arts Alive Festival. Zudem wurden hier mehrere Filme und TV Serien gedreht. 

Unsere High Schools in Langley

Im Langley School District können wir die folgenden 8 High Schools anbieten. Auf Anfrage senden wir Ihnen gerne weitere Informationen.

Aldergrove Secondary School

Schulprofil Klassen: 9-12
Schüler: 600
Schulsystem: Semester System
Anlagen: Modern Language Labs, 8 science labs, computer labs, library with internet access. Animation lab, photo studio and darkroom, greenhouse, music rooms, acting, theatre studio, student centre, metalwork lab, woodwork lab, auto shop, 3 full size gyms and weight training facilities.
Besonderheiten: Hockey Canada Skills Academy,
Sportangebot: Water Polo, Ultimate Frisbee, Badminton, Basketball, Golf, Rugby, Swimming, Track & Field, Volleyball, Soccer, Aquatics
Sprachen: French, Mandarin
Musik: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choir
Clubs: art club, student council, Jiu Jitsu, creative writing club, book club, movie and film club, walking club, running club, game club, science club, running club, GSA Club and more!
Spezielle Fächer: Music, Drama, Musical Theatre, Visual Arts, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture (including Ceramics), Photography, Woodworking, Technology, Information Technology, Foods, Carpentry, Automotive, Media Arts, Marketing, Computers, Yearbook, Hairdressing, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Digital Media Arts, IT, Digital, Fitness and Conditioning, Active Living, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensics, Genocide Studies, Social Justice, Law

Brookswood Secondary School

Schulprofil Klassen: 8-12
Schüler: 1.300
Schulsystem: Linear System
Anlagen: 58 modern classrooms, 6 science labs, 4 computer, labs, networked library & media centre, 2 gyms, 300-seat theatre, television and movie production studio. Besonderheiten: Equestrian Academy, Film & Television Production Program, Digital Immersion Program
Sportangebot: Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country Running, Intramural Sports, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Curling, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Fitness Club, Ski/Snowboard Club (Feb-Mar),
Sprachen: French Immersion, French, Spanish
Musik: Jazz Choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Musical Club, Drumming
Clubs: Notafilmclub, Art Studio, Catz Crew Ambassadors, Ceramics Club, French Club, Games Club, Grad Council, GSA, Multicultural Club (1 event per term), Robotics Club, Students' Council, Quilting, Crochet and Knitting
Spezielle Fächer: Digital Media, Game Programming, Information Systems, Visual Arts, Music, Pottery, Theatre, Photography, Film & Television, Food Studies, Textile Studies, Family Management, High Performance and Weight Training, Basketball, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Political Science, Law, Social Justice, Philosophy, Urban Studies, Economics, Genocide Studies, Psychology, Carpentry, Automotive Technology

D.W. Poppy Secondary School

Schulprofil Klassen: 8-12
Schüler: 1.000
Schulsystem: Semester System
Anlagen: Cafeteria, networked library, 3 computer labs and 4 science labs, 2 full size gyms, weight training room, band room, acoustic music rooms, theatre facility, photo lab, art room, 2 home economics room, woodwork room, metalwork room, student government room and post secondary and career preparation lab
Besonderheiten: Music Theatre Academy
Sportangebot: Badminton, Basketball, Golf, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Track and Field, Volleyball, Swimming, Cross Country, Running, Intramural Sports, Wrestling
Sprachen: French, Italian
Musik: Redhawk Drummers, Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Vocal Jazz, Musical, Musical Theatre
Clubs: Book Club, Equestrian Club, Fizzix Club, Global Voices, Grad Council, GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), International Club, Math Challenge Y 8-9, , Robotics "The Conspirators", Ski Trip (winter)
Spezielle Fächer: Marketing, Computer Hardware & Robotics, Programming, Video Game Design, Entrepreneurship, Digital Media, Visual Art, Music, Drama, Ceramics, Family Studies, Fitness and Conditioning, Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy, Law, Psychology, Indigenous Studies, Social Justice, Automotive Technology, Metal Fabrication, Carpentry & Joinery, Drafting, Musical Theatre Academy

Langley Fundamental Middle & Secondary

Schulprofil Klassen: 6-12
Schüler: 800
Schulsystem: Semester System
Anlagen: specialty classrooms for science, art, home economics, computers, music and PE. PE programs with access to ice skating, roller rink, curling and full sized gym. Library with Wifi
Besonderheiten: Hockey Canada Skills Academy,
Sportangebot: Soccer, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Track & Field, Cross Country, Golf, Alpine Sports, Volleyball, Swimming, Track & Field
Sprachen: French
Musik: Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Music Concerts
Clubs: GSA, Homework Club, Robotics Club, Homework Club, Model UN, Rock Climbing, Ski Club, Environmental Club, Student Council, International Student Field Trips and Activities
Spezielle Fächer: E-Commerce, Marketing, Game Theory & Design, Art Studio, Visual Arts, Ceramics and Sculpture, Drama, Film & Television, Photography, Printmaking & Graphic Design, Textiles, Food Studies, Active Living, Fitness & Conditioning Girls, Earth Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Comparative Cultures, Comparative World Religions, Philosophy, Law Studies, Social Justice, Computer Studies, Computer Information System, Digital Media Development, Drafting and Design, Psychology, Yearbook Production, Musical Theatre Production

Langley Fine Arts School

Schulprofil Klassen: Kindergarten-12
Schüler: 900
Schulsystem: Semester System
Anlagen: high level dance, music, drama, photography and art studios, 310 seat Chief Sepass Theatre
Besonderheiten: Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Writing, Photography
Sportangebot: Intramural Sports
Sprachen: French, Korean, Spanish
Musik: String Quartet, Brass Quintet, Vocal Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, Jazz Combo, Piano Trio, Ethnic Ensembles (Celtic, Chinese, Indian…etc.), Contemporary Ensembles (Jazz Fusion…etc.), Junior & Senior Wind Ensembles, Junior & Senior Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Small Choir, Orchestra, Concert Band, Chamber Choir
Clubs: Dance Company, Drama Ensemble, Grad Council, Student Council, Yearbook, Anime Club, Hangs of Hope (Charity), LEO Club (Volunteer), K-Pop Dance Club
Spezielle Fächer: Communications, Body Fit, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Geology, Law, Social Justice, Psychology, Urban Studies, Computer Animation, Woodwork, Computer Arts Coding, Graphic Design Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Dance Choreography, Dance Composition, Jazz Dance, Drama Improvisation, Musical Theatre, Stagecraft, Film, Theatre Tech, Video Production, Physical Acting, Costume Design, Vocal Music Studies, Music Recording Studio, Ceramics, Studio Art, Multimedia, Fabric & Fiber, Digital Design, Mask Making, Jewelry Making, 3D Animation, Wood Working, Stained Glass, Book Binding, Writing, Journalism, Photography

Langley Secondary School

Schulprofil Klassen: 9-12
Schüler: 1.500
Schulsystem: Semester System
Anlagen: Networked Library, Science Labs, Metalwork Shop, Carpentry Shop, Automotive Shop, Textile Lab, Cooking Labs, Photography Lab. Fine Arts Facilities: Acoustic Music Room, Dance Studio, Acting Studio, Dramnasium, 2 Full Size Gyms, Weight Training Facilities, Lacrosse Box, Access to Stadium and Track Besonderheiten: Fine Arts Intensive Program (Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Musical Theatre, Film/TV), Baseball Academy, Softball Academy, Hockey Academy, Soccer Academy, Piping and Pluming Program
Sportangebot: Badminton, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Soccer, Track & Field, Volleyball, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Running, Hockey, Golf
Sprachen: French, Italian, Japanese
Musik: Band, Choir, Musical Theatre, Guitar
Clubs: Leadership, PE Leadership, Students for Change, Gay/Straight Alliance, Drag Racing, Robotics, Video Game Club, Peer Counselling, Book Club, Me to We Club, Grad Council, Dance, Anime and Art Addicts Club
Spezielle Fächer: Food Studies, Textiles, Marketing, IT (Computers), Anatomy and Physiology, Earth Science, Law Studies, First Nations, Social Justice, Asian Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Construction, Drafting, Automotive, Electronics, Metal Art/ Fabrication, Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Musical Theatre, Film/TV

R.E. Mountain Secondary School

Schulprofil Klassen: 9-12
Schüler: 1.500
Schulsystem: Linear System
Anlagen: Networked library, specialty facilities for computers, science, physical education, home economics, music, fine arts, auto, wood and metalwork. access to new Langley Events Centre (ice rink, gyms and more .
Besonderheiten: International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
Sportangebot: Badminton, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, soccer, track and field, volleyball, cross country, Intramural Sports
Sprachen: French, Mandarin, Spanish
Musik: Jazz Band, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir
Clubs: Auto Club ‘Blazing Pistons’, Business Club, Chess / Programming Club, Debate Club, Grad Council, LGBTQ+ / Allies, Langley Leos, Language Club, Math Contest Club, Project Outreach (raise money for important causes), Sustainability Group, Model UN (Law, Business, Politics and public speaking), Sewing & Crafting Club
Spezielle Fächer: Marketing, Programming, Digital Media, Computer Animation, Information Systems, Food Studies, Textile Studies, Music, Drafting and Design, Automotive, Carpentry, Electronics and Robotics, Metal Work, Woodwork, Visual Arts, Yearbook, Photography, Ceramics, Video Production, Drawing & Printing, Drama & Theatre, Media Arts, Anatomy and Physiology, Earth Science, Law

Walnut Grove Secondary School

Schulprofil Klassen: 8-12
Schüler: 3.000
Schulsystem: Linear System
Anlagen: 3 gyms, weight room, courtyard, 4 computer labs, fully networked library, computer drafting lab, specialized science labs, specialized rooms for art, photography, music, home economics and technology education
Besonderheiten: Outdoor Education Program, specialized Computer Program, Musical Theatre Program
Sportangebot: Mountain Biking Club, Ultimate Frisbee, Basket Ball, Golf, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Cross country, Soccer, Track & Field, Volleyball, Curling, Swimming
Sprachen: English, French Immersion, Spanish, Japanese, Italian
Musik: Concert Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Choir, Jazz Band, Guitar
Clubs: Humanitarian Club, “Me to We” Club, Pride Club, Robotics Club, Debate Team, Art Club, E-Sports Club, Relay for Life Team, Mathletics Club, Green Team, Young Entrepreneurs Club, Chess Club, Youth Hunger Mission Foundation, Gator Gavel Club (Toastmasters), Drumline, Indian Umbrella, Engineering Club, Yearbook Club, +
Spezielle Fächer: IT, Graphics & Animation, Graphic & Web Design, Programming, Video Production, Video Games Design & Coding, Computer Repair, Yearbook, Photography, Drama, Arts, Music, Musical Theatre, Culinary Arts, Textile, Engineering and Design, Electronics and Robotics, Woodwork, Carpentry, Power Mechanics, Guitar Building, Laser and Print Production, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics, 3D Fabrication, Dance, Yearbook, Ceramics, Directing & Script Writing, Theatre Production, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Psychology, Earth Science, Astronomy, Political Studies, Urban Studies, Law, Social Justice, Genocide Studies, BC First Peoples, Welding, Drafting, Automotive Technology, Laser and Print Production, Metal Work

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